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Electrostatic Purifiers

Advanced Solutions for Air Filtration

Electrostatic Purifiers

ELBARON® electrostatic air purifiers series Ron are particularly suitable when the contaminants to be removed consist of very fine particles, with sizes even smaller than 0.1 microns, as is the case with oily mists resulting from processes that require the use of neat cutting oil.

Pollutant particles with such dimensions are considered particularly dangerous to the health of operators because, if inhaled, they would easily reach the lung alveoli.

Depuratore Aria Comat
Electrostatic Purifiers


Aerosol filtration rate of over 99%
Range of vertical and horizontal models
One or two areas of electrostatic filtration
ISI-TRONIC interface allowing remote management
EC technology motor-fan
Low energy consumption and management costs
Minimal noise levels
Solidity and reliability
Easy installation
Periodic cleaning and maintenance service
Servizio di lavaggio depuratori elettrostatici


To ensure maximum operational performance throughout its entire lifespan, Comat provides its customers with a periodic washing service for electrostatic cells, including functionality checks performed through mechanical tests.

The service includes the return and pick up of cells to the customer by highly specialized workers or the reception and return of cells through the courier

The service is carried out in a specially equipped facility, where the produced effluents are subject to a rigorous process of control and management.

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