The application range of Superfiltration Technology is mainly dedicated to parts’ surface finishing where tolerances and roughness must be strictly controlled, otherwise the quality of the products is compromised.

For this reason these systems are mainly connected with grinders, sharpening machines, lapping machines and honing machines.

Nevertheless our systems are more and more applied to automatic lathe units to filter oil recovered from chips centrifugation and from the periodical emptying of the tanks and for the oil used at high pressure for drilling process.

Our Superfiltration Technology is connected with success to:

Cutting Tools Manufacturers & Service Shops
Saw Blades Manufacturing
Deep Drilling
Manufacturing of Bone Prothesis
Boring, honing, precision grinding of Engines, Axle cases & Transmissions
Sharpening Needles for Syringes
Glass Machining
Manufacturing of Components for Watches and Clock Making
Honing of Dynamic Cylinders
Automatic Turning & Milling (Swiss-Type CNC)

application images


connected to AGATHON
automatic lathe
connected to ANCA
automatic lathe
automatic lathe
connect to DECKEL
connected to EWAG
automatic lathe
connected to HAAS
automatic lathe
connected to RECOMATIC
automatic lathe
connected to ROLLOMATIC
automatic lathe
automatic lathe
connect to SAACKE
connected to SCHNEEBERGER
connected to SMP
connected to STAHLI
connected to STRAUSAK
connected to STUDER
connected to VOLLMER
connected to WALTER

application videos


In this section you can widen your knowledge concerning Comat superfiltration systems through two videos.

They have been realized thanks to our customers’ collaboration and they help to look at the application of our technologies from the near, aiming at answering at the clients’ need.