key advantages

During a machining process, liquid are contaminated by polluting agents which compromise and reduce their performances and their service life.

For this reason Comat is able to propose Superfiltration Technology with continuously regenerating filtering media (diatomaceous earth, cellulose and other vegetable media), the process by which contaminant particles larger than 3 μm are removed from cutting fluid and fluid is maintained at stable desired temperature.

The Key Advantages obtained, choosing our Superfiltration Systems, can be so summed up as follows:

Higher and more consistent quality of machined workpieces

Stability of working conditions of cutting fluid

Reduced wear

Increased lifetime of cutting fluid

Increased lifetime of grinding wheels and cutting tools

Increased lifetime of machines

Easier recovery and recycling of valuable materials

Superior energy efficiency -60%

Deep automation with downtime for ordinary maintenance = 0

Leading edge OS with remote management

Healthy & Eco-friendly

remote monitoring

Superfiltration Systems can be monitored and controlled by:

Onboard Control Panel
Remote PCs

& optimization

To meet different daily working conditions of machine tools, thanks to a remote app it is possible to monitor in real time our Superfiltration plants and choose immediately an Adaptive Optimization Cycle

first class

after-sales service

One of the key factors of Comat success is the capacity to offer high-technology products combined with an excellent First-class After Sales Service targeted at satisfying all our customers needs.

As directly testified by its customers, the Comat Technical Service stands for professionality, confidence and expertise in every intervention field:

Staff training

Comat supplies technical assistance all over the world by a high-qualified team able to take charge of the customer problems and activate the most immediate process for their resolution.

Thanks to the data acquired in real time by the Remote Monitoring Control, our Technical Service is also able to provide a First-level Help Desk, guaranteeing to the Customer high-level, fast and reliable support and assistance aimed at clearing every risk of machine stop.