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Driving Change for a Better World

Toward a Sustainable Future

At Comat, we work to create a quality product that is also a value that does not fade over time, bringing benefits to people, workers, customers, suppliers, and at the same time respecting the resources of the planet.


Comat is committed to ensuring that health protection, workplace safety, and respect for human rights are key themes throughout the supply chain. These principles not only contribute to the well-being of workers but are also essential for company growth and the development of the local communities involved, setting the basis for a more sustainable future.

We offer a variety of training and personal development courses for our team, promoting individual growth and success.

We choose partners who share our values of social responsibility and sustainability, helping to promote ethical practices and integrity throughout the entire supply chain.


At Comat, innovation is at the heart of our business philosophy. We are constantly committed to improving the quality of our products while respecting the environment. We use sustainable materials and production processes at all stages of our work, optimizing our production techniques to reduce environmental impact and improve overall efficiency.

From waste reduction to the preference for renewable raw materials, we strive to ensure high environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, we promote collaboration with local suppliers to reduce transportation impact and pay particular attention to the choice of eco-friendly packaging, thus contributing to a greener and more responsible future.


At the heart of Comat, we recognize the precious value of our planet and are committed to preserving it. We promote responsible use of resources and work tirelessly to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

We adopt sustainable practices, such as implementing systems for energy self-sufficiency through the use of photovoltaic plants. Additionally, our new facility was built by reclaiming a abandoned industrial area.

Waste separation management and special attention to process water complete our commitment to responsible resource management and environmental protection.

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