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Emulsion Filtration

Innovative Solutions for Fluid Management

Emulsion Filtration

The daily use of machine tools leads companies to face a range of growing technical, hygiene-environmental, and economic needs related to the proper management of emulsifiable fluids.

For over 30 years, Comat has been dedicated to the study, design, and implementation of centralized systems for the treatment and management of emulsions used in mechanical processing departments. Our goal is to automate the processes of preparation, distribution, filtration, and maintenance.

With our systems and careful management of contaminant factors, it is possible to extend the lifespan of the fluid in use, reduce excessive consumption of chemicals, and avoid periodic disposal of compromised emulsions.

Filtrazione Emulsioni Comat
Process operation
Emulsion Filtration


Preparation of emulsion to the required concentration
Increased lifespan of the emulsion
Automatic distribution to machines
Reduction in disposals
Parameter management
Improved quality of processed parts
Reduction in machinery wear
High-quality after-sales service
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