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Mechanical Purifiers

Efficient Filtration for Industrial Environments

Mechanical Purifiers

The ELBARON® mechanical air purifiers series Tebaron and Cobaron offer a filtration system suitable for removing oily mists and fumes generated by mechanical processes using emulsifiable oil.

A perfect combination consisting of 3 pre-filters, washable and reusable, allows for optimal particle separation and provides excellent filtration.

Thanks to the possibility of reinforcing pre-filtration with a final filter, it is possible to achieve a filtration efficiency of 95.95%.

Depuratore Aria Comat
Mechanical Purifiers


Adjustable speed and flow
ISI-TRONIC interface for remote management
Extremely efficient pre-filtration
Filtration efficiency up to 99.95%
Optimal lifespan of filter elements
Low energy consumption and management costs
Minimal noise levels
Periodic cleaning and maintenance service
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