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Cartridge Filtration

Effective Filtration at Affordable Costs


For customers looking to equip their machine tool fleet with "entry-level" filtration systems but do not have a Superfiltration system, Comat has been designing, producing, and offering single-machine cartridge filtration systems for over 15 years.

The range of Comat cartridge filters, recently renewed and called the "F series," allows the customer to achieve a nominal filtration quality ranging from 5 to 10 microns.

The cartridge filtration system is primarily suitable for sharpening or re-sharpening operations with low filtration flow rates and a small amount of contaminant to be removed from the working oil.

Filtrazione a cartuccia Comat
Cartridge Filtration


Filtration flow rate of 90 and 130 L/min
4 or 6 single-use filter cartridges
No limit on oil viscosity
Easy maintenance
Possibility to install 2 oil distribution pumps
Complete separation between dirty oil tank and clean oil tank
Compact and elegant design
Integrated refrigerator
No need for compressed air
Plug & play magnetic separator kit
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